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Phone cards / Kenya
With our calling cards you can make a cheap long distance call to Kenya.
Call to Kenya just for $0.240
Low phone cards rates to Kenya and everywhere else
Telephone rates are valid 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
conventional long form: Republic of Kenya
conventional short form: Kenya
former: British East Africa
Prepaid Calling Cards / Kenya

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Kenya Phone Cards

Code of Kenya +254

You can make cheap long distance call to Kenya or any other country using our prepaid phone cards at extremely low rates.
Flag of Kenya

Rates to Kenya:

Phone cards to Kenya

Australia - 12.1
Canada - 7.5
Denmark - 12.1
France - 12.1
Germany - 12.1
India - 61.1
Mexico - 8.9
UK - 8.9
USA - 6.5
USA - Mobile - 6.5

Rates from Kenya:

Phone cards from Kenya

Location: Kenya

1 00 N, 38 00 E

Eastern Africa, bordering the Indian Ocean, between Somalia and Tanzania

Main City Codes:

Anmer 25, Bungoma 55, Diani 12, Eldoret 53, Embu 68, Garissa 46, Gigiri 20, Homa Bay 59, Kabete 20, Kajiado 45, Kakamega 56, Karen 2882, Karuri 66, Kericho 52, Kiambu 154, Kilfi 12, Kisii 58, Kisumu 57, Kitale 54, Kwale 40, Lamu 12, Machakos 44, Malindi 42, Marsabit 69, Meru 64, Mombasa 41, Murang'a 60, Nairobi 20, Naivasha 50, Nanyuki 62, Nakuru 51, Nyahururu 65, Nyeri 61, Thika 67, Uthiru 20, Voi 43,

Mobile Phone Codes:

Kencell (GSM 900) 733, Safaricom (GSM 900) 722

Communications: Kenya

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Telephones - main lines in use:
264,800 (2007)
Telephones - mobile cellular:
11.44 million (2007)
Telephone system:
general assessment: inadequate; fixed-line telephone system is small and inefficient; trunks are primarily microwave radio relay; business data commonly transferred by a very small aperture terminal (VSAT) system
domestic: no recent growth in fixed-line infrastructure and the sole provider, Telkom Kenya, is slated for privatization; multiple providers in the mobile-cellular segment of the market fostering a boom in mobile-cellular telephone usage
international: satellite earth stations - 4 Intelsat
Radio broadcast stations:
AM 24, FM 18, shortwave 6 (2001)
Television broadcast stations:
8 (2001)
Internet country code:
Internet Service Providers (ISPs):
65 (2001)
Internet hosts:
27,376 (2008)
Internet users:
3 million (2007)

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